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ISO 1182 Micro-computer Building material Non-Combustibility Tester HTB-014

Micro-computer Building material Non-Combustibility Tester
HTB 014 Micro computer Building material Non Combustibility Tester 1

The utility model is suitable for the non-combustibility test of the main components of

homogeneous and non-homogeneous building products under specific conditions.


Test standard :Comply with GB/T5464-2010, ISO 1182:2002 test standard.

Technical specifications

1.Heating Furnace:
–.Material :made of bauxite Refractory with a density of (2800 ±300) KM3.
–With a height of (150 ±1) mm, an inner diameter of (75 ±1) mm and wall thickness of (10 ±1) mm.
2.Heating furnace system: heating coil is wound on heating furnace tube according to GB/T5464 -2010
Appendix B standard, its exterior is covered with heat insulation layer, conical air flow stabilizer is fixed at the bottom of heating furnace, air flow hood is fixed at the top of heating furnace.
3.Heating coil: Heating Resistance Band, specification of 3 mm × 0.2 m nickel , 80% chromium, 20% resistance band;
4.Air flow stabilizer :Top Inner Dia (75±1)mm, botton inner Dia (10±0.5)mm ,length: 500mm.
                   1mm thick stainless steel plate .
5. Specimen holder mass:15±2 g.
6. Draught shield:Φ75mm×50mm.
7. Thermocouple:Contact thermocouple: Type K thermocouple with a wire diameter of 0.3mm and an outer diameter of 1.5mm.
8. Heating temperature: 1250°C
9. Variable transformer:0~100V
   Heating power:800-1000W,Under stable conditions, when the voltage is about 100V, the heating coil passes a current of about 9~10A.
10. Thermometer:0~1000±5%
11. Timer:0~99h
12. Power:AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz, current ≤10A
13. Furnace temperature:750±1℃
14. Furnace temperature drift: <2℃/10min
15. Gas source:gas or liquefied petroleum gas(if conditions permit,choose a better quality gas source)
16. Inside diameter of burner is Φ0.17mm,four Φ4mm air-conditioning hole.Flame height is easy to adjust.


1 main tester;

1 burner;

2 test baskets;

1 positioning rod;

1 precision balance; (Customer’s own)

1 drying dish; (Customer’s own)

1 observation glass;

3 thermocouples;

1 computer;


GB/T5464-2010, ISO 1182:2002 test standard.

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