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EN1888:2018 Baby Stroller Handles Durability Tester TC-002B

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Suitable for baby Stroller simulation over the barrier when the lifting and under the action of the durability test, the test method is to place the baby model in the car, raised when the car back to the ground 120±10mm, under pressure When the front wheel to the ground 120±10mm, 15±2 times per minute, and continue to test the number of times after the test, the visual car with or without damage.



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Technical specifications

Display: touch-screen, PLC control

Air cylinder stroke: 200~350mm adjustable

Test frequency: 15 ± 2 cycles/min.

Test area: 100x175cm

Beam height adjust: power-driven 35cm

Test station: one position

Grip distance: 11cm to 41 cm

Height of Test wheels from ground: 120±10mm

Test pressure: 450N±5% adjustable

Test cycles: 10000 cycles

Auto counter: 0~99999times, electricity, power cut memory function

Machine dimension: 138x175x200cm

Power: AC ~220V 50Hz

Weight: About 450KG


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