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UL94 Horizontal Vertical Flame tester HTB-066B-Touch Screen

UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Test equipment UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Test equipment
UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Test equipment UL94 Horizontal & Vertical Flammability Test equipment

UL94 Horizontal Vertical Flame tester .Test the flammability of the plastic material spare part in appliances. Flammability, combustion speed, flame spread, the intensity of combustion can be acquired during test automatically and precisely.


UL94 , IEC 60695-11-10,  IEC 60707 , ISO 1210
ISO 9772 ,  ISO 9773 , GB/T 2408 , GB/T 8332

Technical specifications



Combustion chamber

0.7 CBM

Time adjustment of continuous flame

0 ~ 99minutes99seconds

Time adjustment of afterflame

0 ~ 99minutes99seconds

Time adjustment of afterglow

0 ~ 99minutes99seconds

Flame height

is easy to adjust,from 20mm to 175mm according to the standard.


0~999.9s+/-0.1 s (adjustable)

Burn angle

0 °, 20 °,45 ° adjustable


 inner diameter Ø9.5mm±0.3mm, (Bunsen burner) length of 100mm


98% methane

Temperature testing range

0~1000 degree

Combustion chamber size



AC 220V , 50/60Hz, 2A

One strong plywood box packing, gross weight 100kg, size: 142*77*115cm


  1. Combustion chamber 0.7 CBM.
  2. Large view window made of Acrylic sheet
  3. Working table cabinet is optional.
  4. Burner calibration kit is optional.
  5. Burner angel adjustable 0, 20, 45.
  6. Humboldt Tirrill burner made in USA inner diameter 9.5±0.3mm
  7. Fan on the top to evacuate the exhaust during combustion test.
  8. MFC control the height of flame
  9. The sensor enable accurate position, the test starts timing automatically
  10. Differential pressure gauge enable gas back pressure.
  11. Auto Electric spark ignition.
  12. PLC+7″ digital display.
  13. Liner combustion speed.
  14. Calculate Liner combustion speed, display and save the data
  15. Compare the standard referential data and the test result.
  16. Horizontal or vertical test program changeable.
  17. the alarm rings when the flame shock lasts 10s.
  18. the gas supply is cut automatically when no operation is conducted in the chamber for 10 min.


UL94 Horizontal Vertical Flame tester 

Horizontal flame test: UL HB,  IEC 60695-11-10, IEC 60707, ISO 1210.

50W Vertical flame test: UL94, V0,V1,V2, IEC 60695-11-10, ISO 1210.

500W Vertical flame test: UL94 5VA,5VB, IEC 60695-11-3, ISO 9770.

Film material Vertical flame test: VTM-0,VTM-1,VTM-2, ISO 9773;

Foam material Vertical flame test:HF-1,HF-2, HBF, I SO 9772.

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