HTF-012 Rain Tester Meet AATCC 35 Textile Testing Equipment

Rain Tester for Textile Fabric Rain Tester for Textile Fabric

Rain Tester is used to determine the penetration resistance of fabrics or composites at different intensities of water impact. Simulated  the rain horizontally impacts fabric samples mounted vertically in a stainless steel bath. Samples are backed with a standard blotting paper (which is weighed before and after each test)


GB /T 23321,

ISO 22958,

IST 80.2 (01) 8.7

Technical specifications


Specimen Dimensions200 x200 mm
Blotting Paper Dimensions152 x152 mm
Specimen Nip Space Between165 mm
Specimen holder Dimensions178×229 mm


water chamber 1pcs, specimen holder 1pcs,

AATCC Suction filter paper 500 x 1000 mm(20×40 inch)25pcs


AATCC 35, GB /T 23321,  ISO 22958,  IST 80.2 (01) 8.7

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