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Shoe Slip Resistance Tester HTF 744 Shoe Slip Resistance Tester HTF 744
Shoe Slip Resistance Tester HTF 744 3 Shoe Slip Resistance Tester HTF 744 3
Shoe Slip Resistance Tester HTF 744 2 Shoe Slip Resistance Tester HTF 744 2

Shoe Slip Resistance Tester HTF-744

Shole Slip Resistance Tester is used for testing the anti-slip

performance of soles heels or material test by the

friction between shoes and different mediums

(board,PVC,ceramic tile or other material) under

specified load.

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Technical Specifications



Vertical load cell range


Horizontal load cell range


Sliding speed


Static contact time


Test normal force

500±25N, For footwear of European size 40 (UK size 6.5) and above

400±20N, For footwear of European size below 40 (UK size 6.5)

Wedge angle gauge

Control method




Test floor

Pressed ceramic tile floor, stainless steel plate

Power supply

190×86×171 cm


Approx 500 kg

Standards accessories

7°Wedge angle gauge


Shoe last fixture  


Prosthetic foot fixture


180×90×90mm calibration rubber fixture  


Stainless steel plate


100×70mm steel block


Power line 


Test Principle

1. Made of rigid steel and aluminum alloy.
2. Equipped with a planetary reducer: the reduction ratio is 1:15, and the operation is low noise.
3. Adopts precision linear quide rail.
4. Fitted with a high-end brake clutch
5. The pressurization system is controlled by a Japanese SMC proportional valve, which is automaticallypressurized after the computer setting.
6. High-speed acquisition system and special test software.
7. The system responds quickly, and the control deviation is small.
8. The test result contains a curve graphic of the test process.
9. The test result allows to be printed out.
10. Equipped with leakage protection, pressurized overload protection, air buffer stroke limit protection, emergencystop switch, and other protection devices.
11. Comes with a pneumatic spray gun as the cleaning device.

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Test Principle

Place specimen on test stand, and glycerin as a lubricant, exert a certain load, and move test bench in

horizontal direction compared with sample by lateral traction forces, to measure dynamic friction and

calculate kinetic coefficient of friction.


ISO 13287, GB/T 28287, ASTM F2913, SATRA TM 144, ISO 24267, ISO 20344,

JIS T8101, JIS T8106, JIS T8107

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