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Fabric Sample Cutters TF 054B Fabric Sample Cutters TF 054B

GSM Circular Cutter TF-054B

GSM Circular Cutter TF-054B  is used to cut all kinds of textiles, carpet, cardboard. Include: wool fabrics, cotton fabrics, manmade fabrics and knitting products.

Application : Textile, paper, leather, aluminum foil,ect.

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Technical Specifications




Adjustable, high-end style

Manufacturing Materials

Aluminum alloy

Cutting Area


Cutting Thickness

0~12 mm

Cutting Diameter


Machine Size


Package Size


Net Weight


Gross Weight

1.5 kg

Standards Accessories

Spare blades 

4 Pcs

Cutting mat

1 PcS


1. The fuselage adopts the one-time die-casting technology of labeled aluminum alloy, which overcomes the roughness caused by traditional steel casting and the defects of rust for a long time.

2. The cutter head is quenched and refined by special imported process, which has higher hardness and strength than the previous generation, and the accuracy error is only 1~2 wires.

3. The blade of gold and steel is very sharp.

4. Aluminum alloy body, strong and durable.

Method of Application

1. Place the machine on a flat, hard and non-shaking workbench.

2. Take out the special PVC backing plate and put it on the sampler tray.

3. Place the textile fabric or paper to be sampled flat on the PVC pad.

4. Take back your hand to hold the fuselage, lightly press the operating lever with the other hand, and release it lightly, and the sampling is completed.


1. The PCV backing plate must be replaced frequently, otherwise the service life of the cutter head will be affected.

2. The blade is extremely sharp, so be careful not to be cut when taking samples and backing plates.

3. This is a professional machine, and minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from using it.

4. Before cutting, please make sure that your hands are away from the knife, and there are only samples on the tray without debris.

5. This is a single-person operation device, and it is forbidden for more than 2 people to use it at the same time to avoid accidents.

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