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Tumbling dryer HTF 743 Tumbling dryer HTF 743

Tumbling dryer HTF-743

Tumbling dryer HTF-743-Direct Manufacturer.Tumbling dryer HTF-743 is used for tumble drying of fabrics, garments or other textiles after shrinkage test.




Technical Specifications




Front door feeding, horizontal drum type

Drum Diameter


Drying Time

1 to 999min can be set

Drum Rotation Speed


Number of lifting Pieces

Two pieces

Drying Capacity


Controlled air outlet Temperature


External Dimensions


Net Weight


Power Supply

AC220V 50Hz 2KW


1.It is made of steel by spraying process as the shell, using stainless steel as the drum, and the appearance design is novel and beautiful.

2.The microcomputer controls the reasonable drying temperature and has the function of automatically turning to cold air before the end of drying.

3.Digital circuit, hardware control, strong anti-interference ability.

4.The instrument has low working noise, stable and safe operation, and has the characteristics of self-stopping safety device for opening the door, convenient and reliable to use.

5.The drying time can be freely selected, and the drying fabric material and quantity range are wide.


GB/T 8629、ISO 6330

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