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AATCC TM88 Shrinkage Laundering Machine Introtech KMS-M6

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Shrinkage Washing machines are designed to determine the dimensional changes of fabrics or garments by simulating the usual home laundry. The testing instruments provide standardized testing conditions to reduce mistakes and contrasts according to AATCC, ISO, M&S and other industry or enterprise standards.

Compliant with Standards : AATCC TM88B, TM88C, 124, 135, 143, 150, LP1


Technical specifications

washing program


▲Permanent Press



▲Drain & Spin

Laundry Capacity : 10.5kg

Voltage : 220V / 50/60 Hz

Power : 1.5kW

Dimension : 1100 x 650 x 710mm (H x L x D)

(Machine doesn’t have built-in heater. Hot water need to be supplied by extra water

heating equipment.)

Washing Program Parameter

Cycle Normal (1)Permanent Press


(3)Water Level Setting

19 +/- 1 gal

19 +/- 1 gal

19 +/- 1 gal

Agitation Speed

86 +/- 2 spm

86 +/- 2 spm

27 +/- 2 spm

Washing Time 16 +/- 1 min 12 +/- 1 min 8.5+/- 1 min

Final Spin Speed

660 +/- 15 rpm

500 +/- 15 rpm

500 +/- 15 rpm

Final Spin Times

5 +/- 1 min 5 +/- 1 min 5 +/- 1 min


Features & Functions

▲Industrial touch screen controller adopted; Chinese and English language available; meet the

need of different occasions.

▲Available to measure, display and control the water temperature in the tank. Adjusting the ratio

of cold water and hot water to reach a certain temperature.

▲With abundant functions for own customization. Able to set all washing parameters to meet

different requirement.

▲Manual model can run the programs separately, including cold/hot water adding, washing,

draining and spinning.

▲Calibration function: water temperature, water volume, agitation speed & spin speed calibration.

▲Humanized design for lock (enable or disable).

▲Flashing indicator to remind the operator for end of test .

▲Trouble alarming function, easy for trouble-shooting.

Design of apparatus

△Steel cylinder with ceramic coating, Stainless washing tank

△High-power variant motor, stable and durable


AATCC TM88B, TM88C, 124, 135, 143, 150, LP1

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