Fiber Fineness Tester HTY-006-Direct Manufacturer

Fiber Fineness And Composition Analysis System HTY-006 Fiber Fineness And Composition Analysis System HTY-006
Fiber Fineness And Composition Analysis System HTY-006 Fiber Fineness And Composition Analysis System HTY-006
Fiber Fineness And Composition Analysis System HTY-006 Fiber Fineness And Composition Analysis System HTY-006
Fiber Fineness And Composition Analysis System Fiber Fineness And Composition Analysis System

Fiber Fineness Tester HTY-006

Fiber Fineness Tester HTY-006 is design by Tony International (HK)Co., Ltd.Use to the new computer technology. Stand for the current state-of-the-art computer software automation identification technology, the intelligent fiber fineness measurement, fiber composition analysis of the fiber image detection equipment.

Analog cameras capture the fiber longitudinal and cross-sectional microscopic images, can quickly realize the aid of the software intelligent fiber longitudinal the diameter data test, and have the fiber type annotation, statistical analysis, EXCEL output, electronic statements etc., suitable for the measurement of fiber fineness and blended fiber blend content of the test. And able to observe the cross-sectional shape of the hollow fibers and profiled fiber.

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Technical Specifications



Magnification Times

Standard: 40×-500× Abbe condenser with aperture diaphragm

Focusing Range


Lens Magnification

0.5 times

Camera Pixel

20 million

Measurement Accuracy


Measuring Speed


Mean fiber diameter, coefficient of variation, standard deviation calculation criteria

According to the national standard GB10685-89 and international standard ISO137-85

Lighting Device

Reflected light LED

Working Power Supply

AC 220V±5  50HZ

Standard Configuration

Optical System

LIOS infinite far chromatic aberration correction optical system

Observing Tube

Hinged trenchles, 30° tilt, 360° rotation, adjustable viewing degree


High eye point and large field of view flat field eyepiece PL10X/20mm

Long anomaly field achromatic objective lens

PL4X /0.13  WD18mm

LPL10X/0.25  WD16mm

LPL20X/0.40  WD9.3mm

LPL50X/0.60  WD6.3mm


Internally positioned four-hole converter

Focusing Mechanism

Low hand position coarse micro coaxial focusing mechanism, fine adjustment accuracy of 0.002mm, with adjustment tightening device to prevent sliding and mechanical upper limit device

Objective Table

Composite double-layer mechanical moving platform, table size :140*132mm

Moving range: 76mmX50mm

Precision :0.1mm

Reflective Lighting System

Reflective Cora illumination, 5W LED warm color, continuously adjustable light intensity, with variable aperture diaphragm and field diaphragm, field diaphragm center adjustable

CCD Camera Installation

Color digital camera 5 million pixels (built-in measurement software), micrometer

Mirror Interface (camera)

Magnification: 0.5X

Fiber Software Syste

Professional fiber software analysis system (can realize multi-functional fiber analysis measurement, imaging system 100% acquisition, measurement length resolution 0.01mm, width resolution 0.01um)

Slide/cover Glass

1 Box


Business computer

Analysis Criteria

1. Fiber image measurement for asphalt pavement JT/T533-2020

2. Measurement and analysis of average diameter of mineral wool fiber GB/T5480-2017

3. Fiber analysis

4. Analysis of porosity and asbestos content

5. Determination of mesophase content_site counting_grid method GB/T 38396-2019

6. Determination of Mesophase Content_Area Percentage_Color Method GB/T 38396-2019

7. Determination of mesophase content_area percentage_tick method (GB/T 38396-2019

8. Test method for pore content and fiber volume content of carbon fiber reinforced plastics GB/T 3365-2008

9. Determination of Dust in Air in Workplace Part 5: Asbestos Fiber Concentration GBZ/T 192.5-2007

10.Test method for wool fiber diameter, projection microscope method…GB/T 10685-2007

11.Textile Fiber Identification Test Method Part 3: Microscopic Method…FZ/T 157.3-2007


 1. Test the fiber diameter of wool and rabbit hair and staple fiber.

 2. This instrument concludes the computer, vidicon, microscope, printer and exam soft ware.

 3. The rest report would give out in the form of Excel; offer the standard reports.

 4. It would offer standard sample photo data of animal fibre, chemical fibre.

 5. It would offer fibre diameter measuring function automatically.

 6. It is equipped with English software, cross-section software and cotton and linen software.

 7. Improve the efficiency, much greater than the traditional detection speed.


GB/T 10685~1989: Test method for determining wool fibres diameter by the projection microscope;

GB/T 16988~1997: Quantitative determination for mixtures of special animal fibre and wool;

FZ/T30003~2000: Method for quantitative analysis of ramie (flax hemp) cotton blended textile–Micro projection;

SN/T0756~1999: Method of quantitative analysis for bast/cotton blended textiles by the projection microscope for import and export;

AATCC 20A~1995: Fiber Analysis: Quantitative


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