ASTM F1670 & ISO16603 Blood Penetration Testing Instrument HTF-027

ISO 16603 Protective clothing Penetration Testing MACHINE ISO 16603 Protective clothing Penetration Testing MACHINE

Medical protective clothing made of test fabrics, nonwovens and other materials is resistant to synthetic blood penetration at different levels of test pressure.-Protective clothing blood penetration tester



Standard: GB19082; ISO16603; ASTM F1670 &1671; YY/T0700

Technical specifications

  1. Measuring pressure points: 0kPa; 1.75kPa;3.5kPa;7kPa;14kPa;20kPa;
  2. Pressurized mode: automatic adjustment;
  3. Timing range: 0 to 99.99min;
  4. Sample size: 75mm×75mm;
  5. Pressure area: 28.27cm2;
  6. Blocking net: 304 stainless steel, 50% ≥ open space, bent at 14kPa≤5mm;
  7. Clamp torque: 13.5N.m;

8 Gas source: ≥0.4kg/cm2;

  1. Power source: AC220V±10% 50HZ;
  2. Function: 250W;
  3. Net weight: 530×250×650mm;
  4. Form factor: 15Kg.


  1. The use of 7 inch industrial color LCD touch screen, Chinese and English menu;
  2. The pressure point pressure method is fully automatically adjusted to ensure the accuracy of the test.
  3. Special stainless steel penetration test groove to ensure that the specimen is firmly clamped, and to prevent synthetic blood splashing around;


  1. The use of imported pressure sensors, accurate data, high measurement accuracy.


GB19082; ISO16603; ASTM F1670 &1671; YY/T0700

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