HTY-007 Triboelectric Textile Testing Equipment GFZ/T01060

HTY 007 摩擦带电电荷密度测定仪法拉第筒法 HTY 007 摩擦带电电荷密度测定仪法拉第筒法

Used to determine the static electricity properties of fabrics after triboelectrification.




Standard :

GFZ / T01060

Technical specifications

Test range of Charge±0.001μC ~2μC(±1×10-9C~±2×10-6C)
Faraday CylinderDiameter 500mm, Height 1000mm
Roller inner diameter≥460mm
Roller depth≥350mm
Roller speed50r/min
Roller LinerChinlon Standard Cloth
Air volume2m3/min
Roller inner temperature60±10℃
DimensionFaraday Cylinder:520×1150mm(D×H)
Roller Friction Machine600×560×840mm(L×W×H)


GFZ / T01060

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