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ICI pilling tester ICI pilling tester

ICI Pilling Box Tester HTF-012A

ICI Pilling Box Tester HTF-012A is a special testing instrument for testing the pilling performance of wool, knitted fabrics and other fabrics that are easy to pill.

It complies with ISO12945.1, GB/T4802.3, JIS L1076, BS5811, IWS TM152 and other standards.

Test Principle

During the test, the sample carrier tube with the test sample is put into the pilling test chamber, the instrument is started, the samples are flipped and rubbed against each other in the chamber, and the samples can be taken out for grading after setting the number of tumbling times in agreement.

Technical Specifications



Number of Pilling Boxes

2 Boxes

Rotational Speed

60±2 rpm

Box Space Dimension


The Number of Box Rolls


Polyurethane Sample Tubes

External dia.: 31.5±1mm; L:140±1mm; thickness: 3.2±0.5mm;

Power Supply

AC 220V 50/60HZ

Machine Dimension


Net Weight


Standard Accessories

6pcs /each box

Cork lining

4pcs /each box

Polyurethane sample tubes

1 pcs

Sample template  

1 pcs

Power line


1. The appearance of the whole machine is generous, and the surface spraying adopts high-quality spraying treatment, which makes it look very beautiful.

2. It uses a lightweight, strong and never deformed plastic box, which can guarantee its longer life.

3. It is also equipped with imported high-quality rubber cork gaskets, which can be folded off for quick replacement Standard.

4. Equipped with imported polyurethane sample tube, it can be durable and stable.

5. This pilling machine runs smoothly and has low noise, which will not affect your work.

6. Equipped with large screen color touch screen display operation, metal buttons, special aluminum panel, accurate counting, sensitive operation, not easy to damage.

 7. In short,ICI Pilling Box Tester HTF-012A is a powerful, stable and reliable test instrument with long service life, which is an ideal choice for wool, knitted fabrics and other easy-to-pilling fabric pilling performance testing.


ISO12945.1, GB/T4802.3

JIS L1076, BS5811, IWS TM152

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