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Manual Pull Push Toy Test Machine TL-403

Manual Pull Push Toy Test Machine Manual pull push toy test machine is suitable for various industries and scientific research institutions Load, insertion and withdrawal force, failure test, etc.

The frame is driven by gear pair, manual operation, the height of the frame can be adjusted, and the dynamometer is equipped with a positioning structure when moving up and down.

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Technical Specifications



Capacity (Rated Load)




Machine Dimension

152*235*425 mm (L*W*H)

Net Weight

11 kg

Gross Weight

17 kg

Optional Accessory

Imada Pointer Push-Pull Force Gauge FB-500N

1 Set

Three Pronged Clamp TW-240

1 pcs

Two Pronged Clamp TW-239

1 pcs

Seam Clamp TW-241

1 pcs

Upper Long Nose Vise Clamp TW-234

1 pcs

Flat Claw Clamp TW-232

1 pcs

Clamp for Wheel Tension TW-237

1 pcs

Wide-Mouth Clamp TW-236

1 pcs


1. With manual operation, simple and stable, fast and efficient, suitable for batch testing.

2.Original production, strict quality, inexpensive.


 ISO8124 , EN71-1-2014+A1-2018 , ASTM F963,16 CFR 1500

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