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Fabric Water-Spray Tester Fabric Water-Spray Tester

Spray Rating Tester HTF-010

Spray Rating Tester applies to determine the resistance of any fabrics, which may or may not have been given a water-repellent finish, to surface wetting by water.

It is not intended to predict waterproofness, since it does not measure the penetration of water through fabric.

Standard: ISO4920 , BS EN 24920 ,  BS 3702 AATCC 22 , M&S P23  , NEXT 23

Technical specifications



Glass Funnel

φ150 * 150mm (volume approximately 500 ml)

Sample Press Release Angle

45 degree

Distance between nozzle and specimen Center


Water Spray Quantity



260 x 230 x 550mm 

Net Weight


Standard Configuration

Spray Rating Tester 

1 Pcs

Water Pan

1 Pcs

Test Principle

The specimen is placed at a 45-degree angle at a distance directly below the nozzle, and a certain amount of water is ejected from the nozzle, and the water is sprayed on the surface of the specimen to generate a wet sample.


The water resistance of the sample can be obtained by comparing the wet sample with the diagram on the standard chart card.


1.This test instrument has been newly modified and upgraded, with simple structure, small and exquisite.


2.All made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, surface brushed, beautiful and durable.


3.The casing adopts advanced CNC laser cutting and CNC molding process


4.The back is designed with hanging holes, which can be used on the wall above the sink, and a variety of usage scenarios are available


5.The specimen clamping adopts a frame structure design, which can remove and install the specimen, and can be directly placed on the inclined surface of the instrument after the specimen is installed, which is convenient and practical.


6.Anti-vortex plate, placed inside the funnel, can effectively prevent the whirlpool from occurring and affect the test results


7.The test nozzles are precision fabricated by CNC machining centers and strictly meet the requirements of the standard.


BS EN 24920 ,  BS 3702 AATCC 22 , M&S P23  , NEXT 23,ISO 4920-2012

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