EN1888 Twins Baby Stroller Uneven Road Dynamic Tester TC-007

TC 007 婴儿车动态路况试验机左右双胞胎型 TC 007 婴儿车动态路况试验机左右双胞胎型
TC 007 横向双位婴儿车路况测试 TC 007 横向双位婴儿车路况测试
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Produce base on EN1888 regulation. Test method: just baby model into stroller and fixed stroller on the bench, set the test time and speed. once the test finished check the stroller to see if there is any damage.



BS EN1888 – 5.10 Irregular surface test equipment;

8.10.3 Irregular surface test

Technical specifications


double seat (left and right)


max. 100lbs

Test speed

approx. 8km/h

Troller fixed handle

weaving clamps

Drive wheel diameter

300mm with Durable Rubber Compound coating

Aluminum rigid block

base on EN1888, 4 different road condition, have A, B type rigid block

Rigid block fix method

base on EN1888, use carbon steel screw fix on conveyer belt


0-999 hour, convertable to seconds, minutes, hours and backup data for power off

Speed display

LED display, show by m/min


gear reducer moter, 3P


AC220V 50Hz


1900*1260*2100 (L×W×H)


The surface of the irregular surface test equipment shall comprise two types of obstacles: Type A and Type B.
These obstacles shall be mounted on a conveyor system so that the wheels on each side of the vehicle are lifted alternately. The conveyor system shall run at a speed of (5 ± 0,1) km/h.




BS EN1888-2012 5.10 Irregular surface test equipment;
8.10.3 Irregular surface test

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