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AATCC TM16 Suntest & Xenon Arc Textile Testing Equipment HTE-001

Suntest & Xenon Arc Tester Suntest & Xenon Arc Tester
HTE-001 Suntest & Xenon Arc Testers HTE-001 Suntest & Xenon Arc Testers
Cotton Trash Analyzer Cotton Trash Analyzer
The Suntest & Xenon Arc Testers is a powerful Xenon Instrument for conducting accelerated tests of light fastness and photo stability tests.

It is designed as a tabletop unit with a microprocessor controller for simple operation.



Standard : AATCC TM16- Option 3

Technical specifications

Xenon lamp:1500W

Energy display, measuring wavelength: 420nm

Record the xenon lamp elapsed time

controlled by microcomputer, The screen display more data.

Insolation area: 200*280mm

External 20L Water tank (Base type)

Power: 220V 50HZ

Dimensions: 1080*700*950 mm (L*W*H)

Weight: 70Kg
Accessories: Specimen plate 1pcs, felt 1pcs, power line 1pcs


  1. Air cooled Xenon lamp with 1.5 KW Measure, control and display of irradiance energy from 250 to 765 W/m²
  2. Measure, control and display of black panel temperature ( BPT/BST) from 30℃ to 90℃.
  3. Measure and display of test chamber temperature.
  4. Measure, control and display of relative humidity % RH.
  5. Setting and display the testing cumulative energy KJ/m².
  6. Record the used hours of Xenon lamp.
  7. Microprocessor control with data display, Programming with keyboard.


AATCC TM16- Option 3

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