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Launder-Ometer Rotawash Color Fastness Machine Launder-Ometer Rotawash Color Fastness Machine
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Rotawash Colorfastness Tester HTC-007

Rotawash Colorfastness Tester ,also as a kind of textile testing equipment,is applied to determine the textile dye washing color fastness, resistant to washing, resistant to dry cleaning and resistant to shrink of textile cotton, wool, silk jute and chemical fiber textiles.


Technical Specifications





Speed of Rotation

40±2/rpm(Contant speed)

Temperature Controller

up to 95°C±2℃


Machine Size




Power Supply

220V 50Hz 3A

220V 50Hz 5A

380V 50Hz 10A

Net Weight

60 kg

100 kg


Large Steel Cup Capacity

1200ml*4 Pcs (AATCC)

550ml*4 Pcs (ISO)

1200ml*6 Pcs (AATCC)

550ml*6 Pcs (ISO)

1200ml*8 Pcs (AATCC)

550ml*8 Pcs (ISO)

Standard Accessories

Steel balls(6mm diameter)

500 pcs

Dry cleaning sheet

20 pcs

Test Procedures


Put the tested specimen, steel ball and detergent together into the test cup. Scroll through the spindle tomake friction between the sample and steel ball. After specified time, take out the specimen and dry,compare to the standard color assessment card. According to the sample’s color change to evaluate the color fastness.


1.Stainless steel body;

2.High-precision temperature controller, accurate temperature control cabinets;

3.High-precision timer to set the time accurately stops;

4.Control interface is friendly, easy to operate;

5.Equipped with two steel cup sizes, quantity can be configured according to customer needs.


M&S C4, C4A, 5, 37, C49, P3B ,

ISO 105 C06 ,

IWST7, 115, 177, 193, 199, 240, 241 ,

AATCC 2 , 3, 28 , 61, 62, 86, 132 ; BS 1006,

JIS L0884.

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