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BIFMA5.1 Chair Seating Durability Test – Furniture Drop Testing Machine TNJ-051

TNJ 019A沙袋冲击 TNJ 019A沙袋冲击
TNJ 019A沙袋座面冲击测试仪 TNJ 019A沙袋座面冲击测试仪
chair seat drop impact durability testing machine chair seat drop impact durability testing machine

Applicability: This test applies to all types of chairs.

Purpose of Test: to evaluate the ability of a chair to withstand heavy impact forces on the seat.dynamic and cyclic durability seat test.


chair seat drop impact durability testing machine is a two station testing equipment.


Test Standard: ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 -2017



Technical specifications

a)Frame size: 2m(W) x 1.5m (D) x 2m(H)

b)Pneumatic cylinder/electromagnetic system

-To hold. Release and lift the impact bag (3 different bags)

Height: Adjustable height up to 1500mm from the test floor

-Attached to the impact bag and allow the impact bag to fall freely on the seat at height up to 200mm


c)Impact bag:


-Contain shot

-3 bags – with different mass: 57kg (125lb), 102kg(225lb) &136 kg(300lb)

-Diameter 406mm(16”)

d)2 operation mode:

-Electronic predetermined counter (EPC) – 6 digit counter allow the bag to be released lifted for the

specific cycles (seating durability test-100,000 cycles)

-Timer – to lift the bag once it is rested on the seat for 1 minute (drop test)

e)The specified size is to accommodate testing for multiple seating, table and storage as well


  1. Drop test – Dynamic(ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017, clause 7)
  2. Seating durability tests -Cyclic only (ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 , Clause 10.3)
  3. Drop test – Dynamic – for unit with seat surfaces (ANSI / BIFMA X5.9 -2012 , Clause 7.2 )
  4. Durability test for units with seating surfaces – cyclic impad (ANSI / BIFMA X5.9 -2012, Clause 7.3)

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