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Chair Seating Durability Tester BIFMA5.1 – Furniture Drop Testing Machine TNJ-051

TNJ 019A沙袋冲击 TNJ 019A沙袋冲击
TNJ 019A沙袋座面冲击测试仪 TNJ 019A沙袋座面冲击测试仪
chair seat drop impact durability testing machine chair seat drop impact durability testing machine

Chair Seating Durability Testing Tester applies to all types of chairs.

Purpose of Test: to evaluate the ability of a chair to withstand heavy impact forces on the seat.dynamic and cyclic durability seat test.

chair seat drop impact durability testing machine is a two station testing equipment.

Test Standard: ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 -2017

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Technical specifications

a)Frame size: 2m(W) x 1.5m (D) x 2m(H)

b)Pneumatic cylinder/electromagnetic system

-To hold. Release and lift the impact bag (3 different bags)

Height: Adjustable height up to 1500mm from the test floor

-Attached to the impact bag and allow the impact bag to fall freely on the seat at height up to 200mm


c)Impact bag:


-Contain shot

-3 bags – with different mass: 57kg (125lb), 102kg(225lb) &136 kg(300lb)

-Diameter 406mm(16”)

d)2 operation mode:

-Electronic predetermined counter (EPC) – 6 digit counter allow the bag to be released lifted for the

specific cycles (seating durability test-100,000 cycles)

-Timer – to lift the bag once it is rested on the seat for 1 minute (drop test)

e)The specified size is to accommodate testing for multiple seating, table and storage as well


Chair Seating Durability Testing Tester

1.Drop test – Dynamic(ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017, clause 7)

2.Seating durability tests -Cyclic only (ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017 , Clause 10.3)

3.Drop test – Dynamic – for unit with seat surfaces (ANSI / BIFMA X5.9 -2012 , Clause 7.2 )

4.Durability test for units with seating surfaces – cyclic impad (ANSI / BIFMA X5.9 -2012, Clause 7.3)

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