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Furniture Test Equipment -Durability Of Bed Frame & Base- TNJ 001B

床测试 床测试
1728 impact test head 1728 impact test head
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Furniture Test Equipment -Durability Of Bed Frame & Base- TNJ 001B is use for bed frame fastening durability, bed base and edge durability for single bed and double decker bed with following BS EN

Standard :

  • BS EN 1725: 1998
  • BS EN 747-2:2012+ A1: 2015

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Technical specifications

Quantity required

One(1) unit – BS EN1725:1998 & EN 747-2:2012:A1:2015

Technical specifications

This machine need to be designed that can able to handle vertical load and horizontal load apply to

single bed or double decker bed and need to fulfill needed at minimum as follow:

a) Size frame : 4m (W) x 2.5m (L) x 3m (H)


-Pneumatic double acting cylinder

Four (4) horizontal cylinder-For frame fastening (EN747) test

Two (2) vertical cylinder– for bed base/edge durability test

-Adjustable position – height (500-2500 mm from the platform), horizontal distance (adjustable along

the frame perimeter)

c)Loading pad (spec En 1728)

-4 X Local loading pad- 100 mm diameter attached to the horizontal cylinder

-2 X seat loading pad – attached to the vertical cylinder (bed edge test)

-2 X smaller loading pad- 200 mm diameter attached to the vertical cylinder (bed base test)

d)Timer–to apply and hold the vertical force for One(1) minute

e)Cycle–1-100000 (6-digit)

g)Air source 7kg/cm²

f)PLC programmable color controller, touch screen interface, program coding supplied

g)One(1) impact tester – for impact test (spec En1728) research

furniture impact test equipment


Furniture Test Equipment -Durability Of Bed Frame & Base- TNJ 001B

Our furniture instrument competitive features :
1.European standard aluminum profile
(Thickness and strength 5 times higher than industry)
2. U.S.-origin high-precision force sensors
3. Ades a cylinder
4. Portable magnet retainer
5. Customize the 1 to 1 load block to standard


  1. vertical impact test (BS EN 1725:1998,Clause 7.4)
  2. Durability test on bed base (BS EN 1725:1998,Clause 7.4& BS EN 747-2:2012+A1 :2015 ,clause 5.4.5)
  3. Durability of treads (BS EN 747-2:2012+A1:2015, Clause 5.6.3)
  4. Durability test on frame and fastening ( BS EN 747-2: 2012+A1 : 2015, Clause 5.5 )
  5. Static load test of safety barriers ( BS EN 747-2: 2012+ A1: 2015,clause 5.4.2 )
  6. Vertical static load on treads (BS EN 747-2:2012 + A1 :2015, clause 5.6.1 )
  7. Horizontal static load on treads (BS EN 747-2:2012+ A1: 2015, clause 5.6.2 )
  8. Vertical static load (BS EN 1725: 1998 , Clause 7.6)

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