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High Precision Fabric Static Tester HTY-008

Fabric Static静电 Tester With High Precision

It can determine the electro-static properties of various textile raw materials and made-up goods (including fiber, yarn, fabrics, carpet, decoration fabrics). It can also be used to measure the electro-static performances to other sheets (plates) such as paper, rubber, plastic, composite sheets .

Standard :

GB/T12703; FZ/T010426

Technical specifications

Measuring Range of Electro-static Voltage0 ~ 10KV
Half-life Time Limit Range0 ~ 10000s, error±1s
Sample Tray Rotating Speed>1000r/min
Discharge Time0 ~ 99s to be adjustable(standard requirement: 30s±0.1s)
Discharge Distance between Pin Electrode and Testing Specimen20mm
Measuring Space between Testing Sensing Probe and Testing Specimen15mm
Test Specimen Size60mm×80mm ( 3pcs )
Power Source220V 50HZ 300W


GB/T12703; FZ/T010426

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