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ASTM Mattress Durability Test ASTM Mattress Durability Test
ASTM F1566 Mattress Rollator Testing Machine ASTM F1566 Mattress Rollator Testing Machine
ASTM F1566 Mattress Rollator Testing Machine ASTM F1566 Mattress Rollator Testing Machine
TF 068 Roller for bed surface durability test TF 068 Roller for bed surface durability test
TNJ 068 003. TNJ 068 003.
TF 068 004 TF 068 004
Mattress Rollator Testing Machine TNJ-007 Mattress Rollator Testing Machine TNJ-007

Mattress Rollator Tester TNJ-007

Mattress Rollator Tester TNJ-007 has been manufactured to

determine the durability of any type of mattress and box

spring unit, regardless of the materials of construction, by

simulating long-term use conditions.

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Mattress Rollator Tester TNJ-007 is suitable to all kinds spring soft mattress. Palm fiber mattress and soft foam mattresses and other polymeric materials reference to the relevant standards. This machine is suitable for mattress.

Test Items: include the following tests and measurement projects

1.Durability test for the bed surface.( simulating the effects to the mattress after the body of people rolls on it)

2.Durability test for bed edge . ( simulate a people sits on the edge of the mattress)

3.Height measurement of the mattress.–thickness test

4.Measurement of the Hardness value.—hardness test

Equipment Characteristics

(1) Durability Test Applications& Test Purpose

Mattess Durability Tester using a horizontal hexagonal wooden drum roll or cylinder (both ends of the diameter of 250 mm, the middle part of the 300 mm, rolling back and forth on the mattress, simulate human motion to assess the durability of the mattress.

Roller for bed surface durability test:

ASTM F1566 Mattress Durability Test equipment

(2) EN Hardness and Height Change Test

Mattress Hardness and Height Change Test Applications & Test Purpose:

The mattress test machine combines the loading device (roll) with a hardness measuring device. Thus, firmness test can be carried out according to ASTM F 1566 or EN 1957, without the need for a rearrangement of the specimen, which would falsify the measured values. It can also display height change by servo measuring system.

ASTM F1566 Mattress Durability Test equipment

(3) Edge Test 

Test Standard: EN1725

Applications& Test Purpose:

The machine increases mattress fatigue test function, it simulate human sitting on the edge of mattress,

with 1000N force to test the fatigue of mattress for 5000 cyclic according to EN1725.

ASTM F1566 Mattress Durability Test equipment

Technical Specifications










Detailed Parameters







4AD module /

4DA module


conversion input/output



control system

Execute automatic

control program



Force sensor

Real-time force detection

Hua Lanhai

High-precision force sensor,

real-time acquisition of force value


Computer display

Monitoring and

parameter settings




For drum rise and down


Cylinder diameter * itinerary:80mm*400mm


magnetic switch

Provide limit protection



servo motor

Used to control displacement and provide load force


accuracy ±0.5mm



0~999999 Can be set








Instrument size (length * width * height))mm


It is made of 80x80mm European standard aluminum profile

Measurable sample size / minimum / max

Length: 200mm- -2000mm

width: 200mm- -2000mm

height: 10mm- -400mm

Can be customized according to customer requirements

Rolling pressure test speed

For 16 ± 2 cycles / min(or specified by customer)

Roller weight



0~999999can be set.

Loading cushion on the edge

buttocks shape, 380mmx 495mm

Capacity of force sensor



AC 220V 10A 50Hz  AC 220V 50Hz 3KW

The control way of rolling

Touch screen + PLC control((In addition, you can choose computer control, if customers need it, we will equip it with a computer)

air supply

6kgf / cm ^ 2 or above (customer provided)




wooden case

Transportation requirements

Due to its large size, this equipment needs to be disassembled after transported and needs to be reassembled in use

Standard Configure

1 host,

1 control box,

1 wire,

1 set of inner hexagon tools,

1 copy of operation manual

Trachea 5 meters (one piece)


  • 1.Novel design, highly integrated, advanced control.
  • 2.The test and measurement items that previously required three machines can be completed with one instrument, and the advanced control system and optimized structure make the operation more reliable and the test data more accurate.
  • 3.The main frame is made of high-strength industrial aluminum profiles, combined with sheet metal parts treated by advanced electrostatic powder spraying and baking paint technology, the appearance is elegant and beautiful, and the sense of technology is full.
  • 4.The built-in sample provides a safer testing process and prevents accidental damage to the machine.
  • 5.Multi-point distribution of emergency brake switches, no matter where the operator is, it is convenient to stop the machine in an emergency.
  • Pad surface durability test:
  • 6.Adopting an independent control system, PLC control alone, combined with a computer display screen, the operation is easy and intuitive, the test process and operating status are clear at a glance, and the number of tests can be set arbitrarily.
  • 7.The unique lifting device is convenient to lift the heavy roller before the test, so as to move it to the mattress testing area, and then lower the roller to fully load its own weight on the mattress surface.
  • 8.The roller group can move up and down freely during the test to adapt to various uneven conditions on the mattress surface.
  • 9.Using advanced photoelectric sensing technology, the starting position of the center line of the mat surface is automatically returned to the original position, the stroke points at both ends are automatically sensed, and the position of the parking area is sensed.

Main Features

  •   1.Our equipment is controlled by computer, mobile phone control, Internet  control, and real-time video monitoring
  •  2.The operating software comes with a test standard program that meets the  requirements, and can be upgraded remotely; the test process can be monitored by  no one, and the fault can be automatically alarmed, and the fault can be removed  remotely; the remote operation interface of the mobile phone can view the  surveillance camera and the safe environment of the laboratory site
  •  3.Multifunctional interface control software, which can control and monitor multiple devices.
  •  4.The control software needs to save the test data of the instrument to the
  • database, which can permanently save and query the historical test data.
  •  5.The laboratory management system can be connected to the computer database on the equipment to facilitate the management of laboratory equipment  and data query and filing
  •  6.When no one is in the laboratory, you can enter the device operating system  to operate the device through the computer website, QR code, mobile APP, WeChat,
  •  7.If the same operating system is compatible and incorporated into one site to operate the device
  •  8.European standard aluminum profile (thickened)
TF 068 ASTM F1566 Mattress Durability Furniture Testing Machines For Spring Soft Mattress Testing EN 1957


ASTM F1566

BS EN1957

QB/T 1952.2-2011 

(Other test standards can be made according to customer requirements)

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