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IEC 60068 Electromagnetic Vibration Test Machine IEC 60068 Electromagnetic Vibration Test Machine

Electromagnetic Vibration Test Machine

Electromagnetic Vibration Test Machine is used to detect early failures, simulate actual condition assessment and structural strength test, product application range is wide, wide range of application, test results are significant and reliable.

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Technical Specifications


TL- 413A

Max Test Load(kg)

0~60 KG

Vibration Direction

Vertical +horizontal ,up and down,right and left. (3 model option 1 model )

Platform Size(mm)

500*500 mm, (or 1000mm*1000mm)

Control Way

PLC touch screen,directly show the curve graph, USB interface for data storage


0—5mm(random by frequency change)


5—600Hz (or 1~3000Hz select)

Max Accelerated Speed

15 G


Frequency adjust


Time control


Frequency could show up to 0.01Hz,accuracy 0.1Hz

Programmable Function

1-600HZ, 1-15 segments can be arbitrarily set frequency and time, can be cycled

Octave Function (0.01Hz)

15-segment multiple increase

· low to high frequency

· high to low frequency

· low to high to low frequency/cycleable

The Icing Function (0.01Hz) 

· goes down to up-to-down

· down-to-down

· down-to-down-to-down-to-down-mode(3 modes of peer-to-peer/recyclable)

Time Control

Any time setting (unit:second )


220V ,50HZ, 6kw


1. Humanized operation and control, the use of professional measurement and control software control, so that the equipment work more stable, more reliable.

2.The whole machine is made of composite industrial materials, precision processing, ultra-silent

3.The panel is made of magnesium aluminum alloy material,which completely isolates the magnetic field interference and effectively prevents magnetization of the subject.

4.Sweep frequency, fixed frequency and multi-band mode of operation, adapt to different industry testing requirements.

5.High-precision frequency output, four-point simultaneous vibration, even table vibration.

6.Strong resistance to magnetism and interference.

7.Secure and reliable protection.

8.The unit is cooled with an efficient low-noise fan to ensure long-term continuous operation.

9.Using the closed-loop control (negative feedback control) principle, the sensor automatically controls the vibratory table after acquisition to ensure output and test accuracy.

10.It has constant vibration amplitude vibration and constant acceleration vibration.

11.The system is equipped with high-precision vibration sensor to collect acceleration, amplitude, and frequency values in real time.


ISO 2247 Full of shipping packaging and unit goods. Fixed low frequency vibration test .
ISO 13355 packaging – filled shipping packaging and unit carrying – vertical arbitrary vibration test.
IEC 60068 Basic Environmental Test.
ASTM D999 Test method for vibration testing of shipping containers.
ASTM D4728 Transport Container Random Vibration Test .
ASTM D3580 Product Vibration Test (Vertical Linear Motion).
GB/T 4857 Packaging Basic test of transport packaging.
GB/T 2423 Electrical and Electronics Environmental Test.

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