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Ink Rub Tester HTZ 22 2 Ink Rub Tester HTZ 22 2
Ink Rub Tester HTZ 22 Ink Rub Tester HTZ 22

Ink Rub Tester  HTZ-22

Ink Rub Tester  HTZ-22 Digital Ink Rub Tester applicable to the abrasion resistance test of surface coating layers of printed materials, e.g. ink layer or photosensitive (PS) coating.

It could effectively analyze the problems of poor abrasion resistance, ink layer falling off, lower printable force, and bad hardness of coating layers of printed materials.

Technical Specifications



Rub Pressure


Rub Speed


Rub Area


Rub Times

0 – 999999

Machine Dimension


Power Supply

AC 220 V 50 Hz,40W

Net Weight



1.Wet and dry friction tests can be performed.

2.Our instrument can perform paper blur test, decolorization change test.

3.The instrument runs stably and the detection is accurate.

4.The operation is simple and easy to understand.

Ink Rub Tester


GB 7706

ASTM F1571

ASTM F 2497

Application Industry

This machine is used to test the adhesion of the ink, so as to judge the quality of the ink.

This machine can be used for dry grinding test, wet grinding test, decolorization Change test, paper blur test and special friction test

The ink stain wear test is a test method designed to evaluate the wear or friction resistance of ink stains on paper or board.

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