Electronic Single Yarn Strength Testing Instrument ISO2062 / ASTM D2256

HTY 009电子单纱强力机 HTY 009电子单纱强力机

HTY-009  Electronic Single Yarn Strength Tester used for the test of the breaking strength and elongation at break of pure and blended yarns made of cotton, wool, ramie, silk chemical fibers as well as tungsten(molybdenum) filaments.

It does adopt CRE principle and automatically operated with pneumatic/magnetic clamp, provided with scales 0-5000cN force max.

Standard :

ISO2062 , ASTM D2256

Technical specifications

Force scale0-1000cN; 0-3000cN; 0-5000cN
Force division0.5CN; 1CN; 1cN
Precision<=1 %F.S
Extention speed50-1000mm/min (adjustable)
Reverting speed50-1000mm/min (adjustable)
Extention scale100mm,250mm,500mm (three selection)
Pretension0~150cN (adustable)
PowerAC 220V±10% 50Hz


ISO2062 , ASTM D2256

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