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Waterproof Tester IPX1 2 Vertical Rain-Drip Test Chamber Waterproof Tester IPX1 2 Vertical Rain-Drip Test Chamber
Waterproof Tester IPX1 2 Vertical Rain-Drip Test Chamber Waterproof Tester IPX1 2 Vertical Rain-Drip Test Chamber

IPX1 IPX2 Drip Rain Test Chamber WT-02

IPX1 IPX2 Drip Rain Test Chamber is applied to test the water tightness of enclosures of automotive parts, outdoor lamps and electronics parts.



For electrical products, outdoor lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their components and other products in simulated rainy climate conditions, the physical and other related properties of the product tested.

After testing, the performance of the product is determined to meet the requirements, in order to facilitate product design, improvement, verification and factory inspection use.


1. Touch screen control, independently developed operating interface (based on customer requirements to install multiple languages), can directly choose waterproof level, the device will automatically in accordance with the standard terms of the waterproof rating conditions for testing;

2. Core control components use 7-inch touch screen +Panasonic PLC, and electrical components are made using imported brands such as LS .

3. Sample loading table using stepper motor, rotation speed and standard angle can be controlled bytouch screen, IPX1 standard speed: 1r/min; IPX2 angle test can be completed automatically: 2.5min rain in 4 positions.

4. With air drying function, after the completion of the test, the water in the drip tank can be removed clean, to avoid long-term water fouling and block the pinhole.(Note: Customers need to install air sources)

5. Rain-drip plate: the use of vacuum design, the use of high rust-proof stainless steel material manufacturing.

6. Equipment shelf: manufactured from high-quality aluminum profiles.

7. Sample turntable: US304 stainless steel plate processing and manufacturing.

8. The equipment has a built-in circulating water tank, recycled water, and the water tank structure is designed to be easy to clean. The water level of the water tank is automatically controlled and there is a high and low water level alarm detection.

9. The test chamber is equipped with a sample power outlet (standard AC220, 10A; can be customized on demand),then sample can be tested live.

10. The equipment base is equipped with 4 moving casters for easy movement and fixation, and With storage box, can put some tools in.

Technical Specifications



Apply to The Product

IPX1, IPX2 test

Raindrop Area


Diameter of The Drip Hole


Diameter of the Turntable

600 mm

Inner Box Size

800*800*1000 mm




Water Volume Regulation

Manual control

Raindrop Board Lift Range

Non-lifting (fixed, sample platform lifting

Turntable Lift Range

400-700 mm

Turntable Loads


Angle of The Turntable

0°OR 15°(Horizontal direction)

Turntable Speed

1 r/min( IPX1 )

Test Time

0-999 min

Safety Protection

Leakage protection, water shortage protection, short-circuit protection

Power Supply

AC220V+10%;50Hz 1.0kw, Fire line+zero line+protective ground Line(Resistance<4Ω)

Sample Load Power Supply


Standard Accessories

1 Pcs

Filter element

1 Pcs

Test needles

20 pcs

Brass drip pin holder

Terms of use

IEC60529 Vertical Rain-Drip Tester

Gas conditions

 Customers are required to bring their own air compressor or gas source, we recommended gas source pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa



GB/T4208-2017 Housing Protection Rating (IP Code) 14.2.1, 14.2.2 and Figure 3

GB7000.1 Lamps Part I: General Requirements and Trials 9.2.3

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