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Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Temperature Humidity Chambers

Temperature Humidity Chambers,also known as temperature and humidity test chamber is widely used in testing the various materials of heat endurance, cold-endurance, dryness-endurance, and humidity-endurance. suitable for quality control of electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, food, vehicles, metal, chemical, building materials, aerospace, medical etc.

Provide the simulation experiment of natural conditions by setting test chamber temperature and humidity..In order to test the reliability of the products in this environment.

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Technical Specifications









80 L

150 L

225 L

408 L

800 L

1000 L


Inner Dimension(W *H* D)cm:







Outer Dimension(W *H* D)cm








Temperature range(Option):

A:0~+150⁰C      B:-20~+150⁰C      C:-40~+150⁰C     D:-60~+150⁰C     E:-70~+150⁰C

Temperature range(optional, can be custom-made)

B:-20~+150⁰C      C:-40~+150⁰C     D:-60~+150⁰C     E:-70~+150⁰C

Temperature fluctuation degree:

± 0.5⁰C

Temperature uniformity:

2 ⁰C or less

Temperature deviation:

±2⁰C or less

Avg. rate of fall

Fall + 20 to -40⁰C temperature drop time (light) 60 minutes

Avg. rate of rise

Temperature rise time – 40 to 100 ⁰C (light) 45 minutes


Humidity range:

20% ~ 98% R.H   can be set.

Humidity deviation:



Control PanelLCD touch screen controller (Korea TEMI880)
Control Program Memory Capacity120 level programmable, maximum 999 times
Shell Material201 brushed stainless steel plate or cold rolled steel plate anti-rust treatment
Inner Box MaterialSUS304# mirror stainless steel plate
Thermal Insulation MaterialsPolyurethane foaming or high density super fine imported glass wool.
Observation WindowUse the conductive film toughened glass, lighting equipment to start the fluorescent lamp in the fly lipu pl-s 11W.
FanCentrifugal fan
HeaterU-fin type 304# seamless steel high-speed heating electric heater
Refrigeration CompressorFrench taikang scroll compressor
RefrigerationAir cooled
Refrigeration AccessoriesBending force, danfoss of Denmark, honeywell, Germany, etc
Sample RackTwo floors
Electrical AccessoriesFuji international famous brand
Pin HoleOn the left side of the machine Φ 50 mm
Wiring ModeThe electric control wiring method is carried out according to international electrical standard
Security DeviceFan overload protection,compression overheating protection, overpressure protection, overtemperature protection, moisture and water shortage protection
Total Power9KW
Power SupplyAC220V optional 50Hz 4.5KW


  1. LED touch-screen controller, User-friendly, operation easy and simple.

 2. Style design is perfect,arc type and surface spray coating,high texture appearance,use plane handle,easy to operate,safe and reliable.

 3. Huge observation window,wide and bright visio.Use three layer vacuum coating window and Philips energy-saving fluorescent lamp, unnecessary Windshield wiper mist,keep Clear observation effect,observe sample condition in any time.

 4. Water and electricity share to ensure safety, Humidifying system channel separate from power,controller and circuit board,to avoid leaking affect circuit,Improve safety.

 5. Frozen and control system advanced and reliable,imported France Compressor, eco-friendly refrigerant.

 6. Digital , with user friendly interface.

 7. Stainless steel interior.

 8. Microprocessor based controller with large led / digital display.

 9. Specimen power supply control terminal turns specimen off if chamber faults.

 10. RS 232 computer interface.

 11. Daily program timer , digital.

 12. 24 hour timer, digital.

 13. Weekly program timer, digital.


Performance data in line with GB5170, 2, 3, 5, 6-95 “electrical electronic products environmental test equipment basic parameters of the detection method low temperature, high temperature, constant wet heat, cross-change wet heat test equipment” requirements.

A:Low temperature test method IEC68-2-1

B:High temperature test method IEC68-2-2

C:Constant wet heat test method IEC68-2-3

D:The test method of cross-change wet heat IEC68-2-30

In addition, it can be customized according to customer requirements

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