IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tubes Rain Tester WT-05-Direct Manufacturer

IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tubes Rain Test Chamber IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tubes Rain Test Chamber
IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tubes Rain Test Chamber IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tubes Rain Test Chamber

IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tubes Rain Tester WT-05

IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tubes Rain Tester Simulate the damage of natural water (rain, seawater, river water, etc.) to products and materials, and waterproof testing of product casings.






For electrical products, outdoor lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their components and other products in simulated rainy climate conditions, the physical and other related properties of the product tested.

After testing, the performance of the product is determined to meet the requirements, in order to facilitate product design, improvement, verification and factory inspection use.

Technical Specifications



Apply to The Product

IPX3, IPX4 test

Tube Size

R400 mm

Inner Size

900*900*900 mm

Spray Hole Size

Diameter 400mm

Tube Inner Diameter

15 mm

Sample Turntable’s Diameter

Diameter 400mm


1.1L/min + 5% (PX3) ; 1.8L/min+ 5% (PX4)

Tumtable Height Adjustable Range


Tumtable Speed

1-5rmin adjust

The Turntable Rotates

Always tum forward / forward reverse altemately

Tumtable Loads


Tube Angle

120°(PX3), 350°(IPX4), or custom settings

Swing Speed

4s’ – 240 degrees, 12s’ -720 degrees (precise control) or custom settings

Safety Protection

Leakage protection, water shortage protection, short-circuit protection


1350*1120*1770 mm

Power Supply

AC220V+10%;50Hz 1.0kw, Fire line+zero line+protective ground line(Resistance<4Ω)

Standard Accessories

1 pcs

Filter element

100  pcs

Filter element

1 pcs

5 meter water tube


1. Suitable for product IPX3, IPX4 waterproof testing

2. The shell is made from domestic high-quality steel plate.

3. The chassis is equipped with a water storage tank, which automatically controls the water intake and prevents damage to the machine due to lack of water.

4. The use of high-quality servo motor, low noise, swing speed, angle more accurate..

5. Sample loading table using stepper motor, rotation speed and standard angle can be controlled bytouch screen.

6. Touch control function for IPX3 testing, IPX4 testing, customization:you can set the test time, rain angle, swing speed, turntable speed.

7. sample turntable: US304 stainless steel plate processing and manufacturing.

8. The power-off time of the sample power supply can be controlled by the program: power failure (0-999 min) – power on (0-999min) – power failure (0-999min), suitable for samples in the test need to power off.

9. The door has tempered glass windows and the box is equipped with LED lights for easy observation of internal testing.

10. The test chamber is equipped with a sample power outlet (standard AC220, 10A; can be customized on demand),then sample can be tested live.

Terms of use

WT 04


IEC60529:1989 +A1:1999 +A2:2013《Degrees of protection provided by enclosures(IP Code)》

GB/T4208-2017 Housing Protection Rating (IP Code) 14.2.3, 14.2.4

GB7000.1 Lamps Part I: General Requirements and Trials 9.2.4 , 9.2.5

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