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Climate Formaldehyde Tester for Wood-based Panel Test Chamber

TNJ-031B Climate formaldehyde for wood-based panel test Chamber TNJ-031B Climate formaldehyde for wood-based panel test Chamber
 Climate Formaldehyde Tester for all kinds of weather board, composite wood flooring and carpet, carpet padding and carpet adhesives and other interior decoration materials, the determination of formaldehyde emission, wood or wood-based panel of constant temperature and humidity balanced.

Standard : GB18580-2001 GB18587-2001

Technical specifications

Box volume : 1 stere

Box temperature range: (℃) : 10~50, the error is smaller than in 0.5

Box the humidity scope : 30%~80%, accuracy: ±3%

Air interchange rate : (1/h) (1±0.05)

Air speed of flow (m/s) : 0.1 ~0.3 adjustable

Sampling instrument pumping capacity (L/min) : 0.8~2.5 adjustable, accuracy: ±1.5%


Climate Formaldehyde Tester

1.Mirror stainless steel chamber with constant temperature cabinets, smooth surface without condensation, no adsorption of formaldehyde, to ensure detection accuracy;
2.Constant temperature cabinet system with a hard foam, silicon rubber door seal, good insulation properties and sealing properties.
3.Box with forced air circulation system (the formation of circulating air flow) to ensure a balanced temperature and humidity inside the line.
4.Using self-tuning PID intelligent instrument control, adjust the time is short, high control accuracy.
5.Refrigerator freezer for the import rotor stable operation and long service life


GB18580-2001 GB18587-2001

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