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Crease Stiffness Tester RH-ZT500-China Direct factory

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 Crease Stiffness Tester  is mainly used for the determination of indentation stiffness (rebound force of 90 º folded) for various cardboard and cartons such as cigarette boxes,It is used to judge the folding performance of various cardboard or cartons.At the same time, it can also be used for the determination of various cardboard bending stiffness.With two-point loading, it is an efficient and easy-to-use instrumentWith two-point loading, it is an efficient and easy-to-use instrument.


BS6965、ISO5628、TAPPIT556、GB/T2679.3、GB/T23144、QB/T1051、              ISO2493、GB/T22364

Product features                    

Crease Stiffness Tester

1.Using high-precision load cells, the accuracy is controlled at <1%, which is better than the ±2% specified in the standard.

2.Double chuck, multi-functional. It measures both paper and cardboard bending stiffness as well as cardboard and carton indentation stiffness. Change the test method, directly enter by the button, fast and convenient


Touch screen Chinese display, friendly man-machine interface operation.Both tests can be completed automatically, with test data statistical processing function, micro printer output, can also be connected to computer operation.When connected to a computer, in addition to automatically memorizing and storing results, you can also display and save the compression curve.

4.The calibration program is specially set up within the instrument to facilitate the calibration of the instrument by the metrology and calibration department (third party).For calibration, the instrument can be calibrated for indication accuracy using standard weights or force measuring devices

Technical specifications

  1. Measuring range: (20~10000)mN
  2. Resolution: 1mN
  3. accuracy: ±1%
  4. Bending test speed: 300º/min or 200 º/min
  5. Long load arm: Bending stiffness:50mm、Indentation stiffness:10mm
  6. Bending angle:Bending stiffness: 0~90º (commonly used 15º),Indentation stiffness: 90º
  7. Weight: 14kg
  8.  Form factor:330×340×290m
  9. Power:AC220V,50Hz



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