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HTX 005taber耐磨测试仪 HTX 005taber耐磨测试仪

Taber Abrasion Tester HTC-005

Taber Abrasion Tester is used to determining the wear resistance of all kinds of structures including fabrics, leather and rubber, paper, metals, paints, plated surfaces, coated materials, glass, etc.


Technical Specifications



Test Position


Abrading Wheel’s Dimension

Outer dia.: 51.9 mm (Max.: 52 mm), Thickness: 12.7 mm

Center hole’s Diameter

6.35 mm

Rotating Speed

60 rpm / 72 rpm / adjustable

Distance Between the Inside Faces of Abrasive Wheels

52.4 mm


 0~ 999,999 cycles

Machine Dimension


Net Weight

60 kg

Power Supply

AC 220 V 50HZ / AC 110 V, 60 Hz

Standard Accessories

Taber abrasion tester 


1 set

Abrading wheel CS-10

1 pair

S-11 Sandpaper

1 pcs

Vacuum machine

1 set

250 g Weight

2 pcs

500 g Weight

2 pcs

750 g Weight

2 pcs

Power line

1 pcs

Hex wrench

1 pcs

Suggestion on selecting abrading


For coatings:CS-10, CS-17

For Plastics:CS-17,H-18,H-22

For high-pressure decorative laminates:CS-32,CS-33

For textile fabrics:H-18, H-22

1 1
2 1
1 1


1.Made of precision steel, and the housing is processed by remarkable craftsmanship for rust protection.

2.The platform’s revolution speed is adjustable: 60 rpm / 72 rpm or adiustable.

3.A vacuum cleaner is included to collect debris falled off from the specimen throughout the test.

4.All accessories and consumables are gainable from HUST TONY anytime.

5.Oridinal abrasive wheels and refacing sandpaper are included in the quote based on the different test standards
and test objects.


ASTM D3884 Abrasion resistance of textile fabrics(Rotary platform, double-head method)

ASTM D1175 Method of abrasion resistance of textile fabrics

ASTM D1044 Test method for resistance of transparent plastics to surface abrasion

ASTM D4060 Abrasion resistance of organic coatings by the Taber

TAPPI T476 Abrasion loss of paper and paperboard(Taber type method)

ISO 9352 Plastics determination of resistance to wear by abrasive wheels

ISO 5470-1 Rubber or plastic coated fabrics determination of abrasion resistance-part1 taber abrader

JIS K7204 Plastics-determination of resistance to wear by abrasive wheels

JIS A1453 Abrasion test method of building materials and building components (sand paper method)

JIS K6902 Testing method for laminated thermosetting high-pressure decoration

JIS L1096 Testing methods for woven and knitted fabrics

DIN 52347 Testing of alass and plastics, abrasion test, method using abrasion wheels and measurement of

scattered light

DIN 53109 Testing of paper and board-determination of abrasion by the abrasion wheel method

DIN 53754 Testing of plastics, determination of abrasion, abrasive disk method

DIN 53799 Decorative laminated sheets on basis of aminoplastic resins test method

ISO 17076-1 Leather determination of abrasion resistance part1-taber method

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