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Tensile Strength Testing Machine – Dual Arm Computer Servo HTP-003-200

Tensile Strength Testing Machine is suitable for rubber, plastic, plastic film, and other flexible materials with large deformation. Tensile, tear, adhesive strength, peel (90 degrees and 180 degrees) tests can be completed

Technical specifications

1.Capacity selection: 200kg 500kg 1000kg 2000kg(choose)

2.Force measurement accuracy:within ± 0.5% of the indicated value

3.Display mode: LCD screen Chinese display, film button

4.Unit switching:kg, lb, N

5.Data sampling frequency: 200times/sec

6.The resolution of the testing machine is 1/±25000 yards of the maximum load, and the inside and outside are not divided into gears, and the resolution of the whole process remains unchanged

7.Load Sensor Basic configuration: Pull and pressure sensor (maximum load)

8.Effective test width: 380mm

9.Effective stretch space: 800mm

10.Test speed range:50-300mm/min stepless speed regulation and 5 fixed speed (special test speed can also be customized according to customer needs)Displacement measurement accuracy :± within 0.5% of the indicated value

11.Breakpoint ratio settings :0~99%, users can set the appropriate breaking downtime according to different materials

12.Test bench safety device Upper and lower stroke limiting device

13.Overload protection: exceeds the maximum load by 10%, the machine is automatically protected

14.Fixture configuration :A set of tensile fixtures

15.Main machine size 800×550×1800mm

16.Main machine weight approx. 180 kg

17.Power supply is 220V / 50Hz


Tensile Strength Testing Machine

1.AC frequency conversion motor is used to drive precision ball screw transmission, which runs smoothly and has low noise

2.Digital display of force value, maximum force value, displacement, test speed infinitely adjustable

3.The use of high-precision encoder to measure displacement, force resolution up to 1/25000, high test accuracy, wide measurement range, easy operation

4.It has the functions of automatic shutdown, overcurrent, overvoltage and overload protection of test pull-off

5.Equipped with a micro printer to print test data in real time

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