YISIDA Digital Push Pull Gauge-DS2-2000N-High Precision

YISIDA Digital Push Pull Gauge-DS2 YISIDA Digital Push Pull Gauge-DS2
YISIDA Digital Push Pull Gauge-DS2 YISIDA Digital Push Pull Gauge-DS2
YISIDA Digital Push Pull Gauge-DS2 YISIDA Digital Push Pull Gauge-DS2

YISIDA Digital Push Pull Gauge-DS2-N

YISIDA Digital Push Pull Gauge is a small and simple thrust and tensile force testing instrument.

It is suitable for push and pull load test in electronic appliances, light industry and textile, hardware, lighter and ignition device, fire fighting equipment, manufacturing, fishing gear, power machinery, scientific research institutions and other industries.

It is a new generation of products that replace tubular push-pull force meters.


Technical Specifications








Measuring Range

0-100N (10gf)

0- 200N(20kgf)  





Displays The Value 

100.0N       (10.00kgf)

200.0N (20.00kgf)

500.0N (50.00kgf)

1000N (100.0kgf)

2000N (200.0kgf)

 5000N (500.0kgf)

Minimum Read Value

0.1N (0.01kgf)

0.1N (0.01kgf)

0.1N (0.01kgf)

1N (0.1kgf)

1N (0.1kgf)

1N (0.1kgf)

Measuring Rod







Sampling Speed

1000 times/second



Minimum Read Value


Standard Accessories

Rechargeable batteries (durable)   2pcs

Instrument-specific AC charger  1pcs

Suitcase     1pcs

Measuring probe    6pcs


1.High precision and high resolution

The accuracy is better than 0.2 level (that is, 0.2% F.S plus or minus 1digit; the smallest reading reaches 0.001N


2.Peak hold function

The peak value (maximum value) during the test can be captured.


3.Compare function

The upper limit and lower limit can be set, and the screen will prompt the user to exceed the set range. The results of comparison and judgment can be seen intuitively, and it is not easy to make mistakes.


4.Simple conversion between three commonly used international mechanical units

Quick conversion among three measurement units of N, kgf, Ib


5.Sampling speed

The sampling speed of the instrument can reach 1000 times/second.


6.LCD LCD screen can be flipped to display

  The LCD screen can be flipped and displayed at 180 degrees. The screen display adopts the widest viewing angle technology, which is more conducive to viewing the test process and results in various occasions and various methods of measurement.


7.Automatic shutdown function/non-automatic shutdown function

The instrument will automatically shut down if it is not used for a long time; when you need to test for a long time, you only need to easily plug in the dedicated YISIDA line power supply, and the host will remain on, and the operation is very simple.


8. The panel adopts the environmental protection nameplate, the color matching design is reasonable, and the key adopts the high-grade environmental protection key, which is comfortable to touch, flexible in response and durable (up to 100 million times of key life).


9. Aluminum alloy shell, according to ergonomic design, easy to hold the test and fixed on the test bench test, aluminum alloy shell has strong anti-radio interference ability, to ensure that the measured data is true, reliable and stable, effectively ensure the quality of the product.


10. The products are also exported to Europe, North America, East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East, and have received welcome and praise from users and dealers in the market.


11. Users include: electronic appliances, wires and cables, hardware electromechanical, aviation, electric power, electromagnetic machinery, auto parts, power mechanisms, viscose chemicals, coal, building doors and windows, furniture, plastics, spring manufacturing, medical equipment, fire equipment, elevators, printing machine manufacturing, textiles, zipper buttons, locks, pens, fishing gear.


Please tightly hold gauge by hands or put it on appropriate stands to make a test.When testing,please adjust tested thing and gauge on the same straight line, if they are not.we will not get the correct tested value of load.

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