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Universal Tensile Testing Machine

Universal Tensile Testing Machine-Universal Testing Machine HTP-150B can do various tensile testing in the field of rubber,leather products, plastics,chipboards, foam, plastic, film, flexible packaging, pipes, textiles, fibers, nanomaterials, polymers, composite materials, synthetic materials, packaging, paper, wire and cable, fiber optic cable, wirecables, seat belt, seat belt, leather belt, shoes, tape, polymer, copper, spring steel wire, stainless steel, castings, brass, non-ferrous metals, car parts, alloys and other non-metallicmaterials and metallic materials tensile, compression, bending, tearing, and 90 ° peel, 180 ° peel, shear adhesion, pull-out strength, an extension of the elongation test.


Technical Specifications



Maximum Force Capacity

15000kg (150KN) load cell for push and pull, 0.4%~100%(0.5)

Force Measurement Accuracy

within 0.5%

Test Stroke

800mm, effective test width: 400 mm, or specified per customer

Test Force Loading the Measuring Range

0.4% -100% FS


maximum test force of 1/200000

Test Speed

0.01 – 500mm / min. or specified per customer.

Displacement Measurement Accuracy

± 0.5% of indication

Test Force Control Rate Adjustment Range

0.05% -5% FS / S

Control Accuracy

± 0.5% when the control rate ≥ 0.05% FS / S

Machine Size


Dynamic System

servo motor + hight precision ball screw




1 no Load cell, standard grips, operation software, English manual books and Video.

Net Weight

520kg, Gross weght:600 kg (after wooden package)

Package of Strong Wooden box Size



 1. High-precision: ±0.5%, high-resolution: 1/200000

 2. Selectable programmable control: to achieve loop control of load, position, deformation, and time.

 3. Real-time acquisition,refresh curve and record test data, a variety of Report print Output.

 4. Can be used for the retention test .(Constant)

 5. Can be used for products of low cycle (repeatedly) fatigue test.

 6. The unit of force values: N, KN, Kgf, Lbf ,unit of length: mm, cm, in freely convertible.


ASTM D751,ASTM D882,ASTM D1117,ASTM D1445,ASTM D1593,ASTM D1683,ASTM D2209,ASTM D5034,ASTM D5053,ASTM D1424,ASTM D2212,ASTM D2262,ASTM D2261,ASTM D4704,ASTM D4705,ASTM D5733,ASTM D5734,ASTM D2207,ASTM D412,ASTM D638 ASTM D3137,ASTM D3574,ASTM D624,ASTM D3574,ASTM D4964,ASTM D2061,ASTM D5169,ASTM D5170,ASTM D2558,ASTM D413

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