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IPX1 IPX2 Vertical Rain-Drip Tester – Waterproof Testing Equipment WT 01

Vertical Rain-Drip Tester Vertical Rain-Drip Tester
Vertical Rain-Drip Tester Vertical Rain-Drip Tester

Simulate the damage of natural water (rain, seawater, river water, etc.) to products and materials, and waterproof testing of product casings.



GB/T 4208-2017 Housing Protection Rating (IP Code) 14.2.1, 14.2.2 and Figure 3

GB 7000.1 Lamps Part I: General Requirements and Trials 9.2.3

VW 80000-K10: IP X1, IP X2


   For electrical products, outdoor lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their components and other products in simulated rainy climate conditions, the physical and other related properties of the product tested. After testing, the performance of the product is determined to meet the requirements, in order to facilitate product design, improvement, verification and factory inspection use.


  1. Touch screen control, independently developed operating interface (based on customer requirements to install multiple languages), can directly choose waterproof level, the device will automatically in accordance with the standard terms of the waterproof rating conditions for testing;
  2. Core control components use 7-inch touch screen +Panasonic PLC, and electrical components are made using imported brands such as LS .
  3. Sample loading table using stepper motor, rotation speed and standard angle can be controlled bytouch screen, IPX1 standard speed: 1r/min; IPX2 angle test can be completed automatically: 2.5min rain in 4 positions.
  4. With air drying function, after the completion of the test, the water in the drip tank can be removed clean, to avoid long-term water fouling and block the pinhole.
  5. The rainboard automatically rises and falls , it can automatically stops when the nozzle is located at the highest point of the tested object at 200mm.
  6. Rainfall: with adjustment valve, can be adjusted manually.
  7. The nozzle contact bit brass cone design makes it easy to change the needle without tools, and a stainless steel mesh shield is installed under the needle to prevent the test operator from being injured when the head touches the test needle.
  8. Rain-drip plate: the use of vacuum design, the use of high rust-proof stainless steel material manufacturing.
  9. Equipment shelf: manufactured from high-quality aluminum profiles.
  10. sample turntable: US304 stainless steel plate processing and manufacturing.

Technical specifications

IEC60529 Vertical Rain-Drip Tester


  1. Filter element: 1pcs;
  2. Test needles: 100 pcs;
  3. Brass drip pin holder: 20 pcs

Terms of use

IEC60529 Vertical Rain-Drip Tester



GB/T4208-2017 Housing Protection Rating (IP Code) 14.2.1, 14.2.2 and Figure 3

GB7000.1 Lamps Part I: General Requirements and Trials 9.2.3

VW80000-K10: IPX1, IPX2

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