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Tensile Testing Machine -Tensile Strength Testing Machine Tensile Testing Machine -Tensile Strength Testing Machine
Tensile Testing Machine -Tensile Strength Testing Machine Tensile Testing Machine -Tensile Strength Testing Machine
Tensile Testing Machine -Tensile Strength Testing Machine Tensile Testing Machine -Tensile Strength Testing Machine

Tensile Strength Tester HTP-004

Tensile Strength Tester is suitable for rubber, tires, hoses, tapes, soles, plastics, films, acrylic, FRP, ABS, EVA, PU, aluminum-plastic pipes, composite materials, waterproof materials, fibers, textiles, wires and cables, Tensile, compression, tearing, peeling (90 degrees and 180 degrees) and other mechanical properties test and analysis of paper, gold foil, tape, silk thread, spring, wood, pharmaceutical packaging materials, tape, etc.

Tensile testing machine is a new type of material testing machine combined with electronic technology and mechanical transmission. The load, deformation, displacement measurement and control have high precision and sensitivity. This series of models adopts a single space structure, and the test space is in the lower space. It is mainly suitable for For the test of metal and non-metal materials with test load less than 2kN, with stress, strain and displacement control mode, the maximum force, tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, elongation, fracture and yield can be obtained parameters such as strength.

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Technical Specifications







Capacity Selection

200 kg

500 kg

1000 kg

2000 kg

American force transmission high-precision load element

Accuracy Level

1.0 level

Effective force Measurement Range


Force Measurement Accuracy

Within ±0.5% of the indicated value

Within ±0.5% of The Indicated Value

Maximum load 1/±250000 yards, no internal and external gears, and the whole process resolution remains unchanged

Basic Configuration

Pulling and pressure sensors (maximum load)

Effective Test Width


Effective Stretching Space

800mm (without fixture)

Test Speed Range

0.01 – 500mm / min. or specified per customer.

Displacement Measurement Accuracy

Within ±0.5% of the indicated value

Test Bench Safety Device

Electronic limit protection

Test Bench Return Function

Manual or automatic options, automatic or manual return to the initial position of the test after the test

Overload Protection

More than 10% of the maximum load, machine automatic protection

Fixture Configuration

One set of tensile fixture

Main Machine Size



220V±10% 0.37KW Funeng Precision Machinery Frequency Conversion Motor

Transmission Mechanism

High-precision ball screw

Main Machine Weight

(Approx) 200 kg



 1. Software operating system language: Chinese Simplified/English.

 2. Force unit: N, KN, Kgf, Lbf, length unit: mm, cm, in can be freely converted.

 3. Automatic zeroing: the computer receives the test start command, and the measurement system automatically returns to zero.

 4. Display mode: The data and curves are dynamically displayed with the test process.

 5. Result reproduction: The test results can be accessed arbitrarily, and the data curve can be reanalyzed.

 6. Comparison of results: Multiple test characteristic curves can be superimposed with different colors, reproduced, enlarged, and presented with the analysis and comparison of a set of samples.

 7. Emergency stop: equipped with an emergency stop switch for cutting off the power supply of the whole machine in an emergency.

Control Mode:

  1. Computer software sets speed, sets load fracture (rupture), running time and other control methods.

  2. Automatic determination of material fracture, crushing, etc. and automatic shutdown, automatic return can be set.

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