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Tensile Strength Tester HTP-002-Single Arm Computer Servo Material

拉力机2 拉力机2
Tensile Strength Testing machine Tensile Strength Testing machine

Tensile Strength Tester: electronic fabric single column tensile tester is suitable for all kinds of textiles, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, adhesive tape, adhesive products, plastic film, composite materials, electronics, metal and other industries. It can do tension, compression, bending, shear, stripping and other tests to determine the quality of the products.

(exclude computer)


CNS9471/9470 and other standards etc.

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Technical specifications

Capacity : 200KG (2,5,10,20,50,100,200kg for option)
Effective load range: 0.4%~100%
Load accuracy: ±0.5% of value
Display: Computer Test Software
Units : Kg,lb,N
Data sampling frequency : 200times/sec
Load solution : 1/±250000 of max load
Load sensor : Pull and press sensor(max load)
effective test width : 150mm
Effective stroke: 500mm custom make
Test speed : 50-500mm/min
Displacement accuracy : ±0.5%
Returning function : Manual or automatic two option, after test the up fixture will return to the
initial position
Safety device : electronic process for limit procession
Overload protection : If 10% over than max load,machine will automatic stop for protection
Result print : Outside printer that connect to computer
Grip : tensile fixture 1 set
Machine Size : 420×350×1520mm
Machine weight : Approx 50 Kg
Power : 220V±10% 0.2KW/0.4KW

Standard accessories:

Tensile Strength Tester
Tensile strength fixtures 1 set (wide is custom make )
Computer test software 1 set,
English manual book 1 pcs
Net weight : 50KG, Gross weight: 65KG; Plywood box size: 50*45*160cm
universal test equipment tensile strength tester

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